About La Casa de Crafts

Hi! I’m Emily. I’m a crafter, photographer, coder, baker, reader. This blog is mostly about the first of those: crafting. Fortunately, crafting is a broad term and for me, includes sewing, painting, gluing, clock-making, woodworking, melty bead melting, paper making, and coloring, to name a few. My partner-in-craft is my husband Ryder who is the source of a lot of the brilliant ideas you see here.

You can also follow me on Pinterest, Ravelry, or check out my etsy shop.

4 Responses to About La Casa de Crafts

  1. Jennifer says:

    Oh Emily, a crafter, photographer, coder, baker, reader.. you are really a generalist! 😀

  2. Julia says:

    Hi Emily,

    My name is Julia and I work as an editor in Paris, and I absolutely love your blog! Could you get in touch with me or give me an email address?

    Thanks a lot


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