Friendship Bracelet Cuff

Ooh, this one was fun. Remember friendship bracelets? There were several elementary and middle-school years where every road trip, summer camp, or family vacation resulted in several new friendship bracelets. I really liked the fancy-looking chevron pattern, so when I saw this pattern on the purl bee’s website, I knew I had to try it.

friendship bracelet cuff - green & gray yarn

Using yarn instead of embroidery floss gives the bulky width and enough structure to wear as a cuff bracelet.

yarn friendship bracelet cuff

This took longer than I remembered to make – probably because I’m out of practice. =) I also struggled a bit on how to finish the ends. I didn’t like how huge the knot was in the purl bee’s example, so in the end I tied around the bundle of yarn a bunch of times, fray checked around the last knot, and trimmed the ends short. So far, so good!

yarn friendship bracelet cuff

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