The cutest bunny

After my successful first foray into knitting, I wanted to learn how to knit in the round so I could make cute tiny things. My knitting friend suggested the hurricane hat as a good starting place for learning, so I purchased circular needles and double pointed needles, plus some new yarn. Well, the start of our knit-a-long got delayed by too-much-work-to-do (imagine that), but I wanted to try out knitting in the round anyway.

knit bunny

I wanted something that would be relatively quick, and not too complicated. I found this adorable bunny pattern that seemed to fit the bill.

knit bunny

It was designed to hold a cadbury creme egg, but alas, there are none of those to be found in my house right now, so I stuffed it with polyfil and sewed the bottom shut instead.

knit bunny

This was a really great project to learn on. It was small enough that it knit up in an evening, and I wasn’t too invested in it if I messed up. It also gave me the chance to practice increases and decreases, plus, of course, knitting in the round.

knit bunny

And to top it all off, it’s totally adorable. I think I was literally squealing with excitement when I finished it and saw just how cute it was.


And of course, I couldn’t stop at just one.



See all the details on my ravelry project page, and maybe knit one for Easter! (another adorable Easter project would be this reversible duck-to-bunny – how awesome is that?!)

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