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Going to a craft fair… gonna have a table…

So, technically, winck n’ crane started at a craft fair last fall. But the craft fair was rather poorly attended (maybe 60 people throughout the day). Since it was our first event, we didn’t have overly high expectations anyway, nor … Continue reading

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Finished: Itty Bitty Baby Dress

Adorable, if I do say so myself. This is the baby gift I posted about a couple of weeks ago. Now to mail it off to the parents! This pattern is fun to make and comes together really easily. It’s also … Continue reading

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90 minute shirt (theoretically)

I always get nervous sewing without a pattern. I think it’s my hate of wasting anything – what if I cut wrong? What if I make it too small? I’ll have wasted that dollar I spent on a t-shirt from … Continue reading

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Quick & easy baby gift

It seems like another friend of mine has a baby every month or two! Most recently have been little girls, and this pattern has quickly become my go-to gift: Itty Bitty Baby Dress. Brought to you by my cousin Rae, a fantastic … Continue reading

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