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Bridesmaid Dress Refashion

I don’t know about you, but I have a few bridesmaid dresses hanging in my closet that, while lovely, aren’t likely to get worn again. For my brother-in-law’s upcoming wedding, I decided to attempt to refashion this purple dress from … Continue reading

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Musical Burrito Kit for the Car

We recently realized that instead of lugging 2 large CD cases with us on every road trip, we could use the iPod + car adapter + USB-to-cigarette-lighter converter to have a fully charged, 60GB music-holder with much less bulk. However, … Continue reading

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Progress: Elk cross-stitch

I realized, after my other posts about this cross-stitch project, that I had been referring to the animal as a moose, when in fact, it is an elk. Oops. Anyway, I finished most of the tree & greenery on the long … Continue reading

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Lesson Learned: 1/16th” drill bits

When your arm starts to get tired while drilling lots of holes with a 1/16th” drill bit, take a break. When you break your first 1/16th” drill bit, take a breather before starting with your second bit. If you fail … Continue reading

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Accordion-style recycled magazine clock

I love reusing junk from around my house to make interesting clocks. I’ve been making a lot lately with catalogs and magazines that we get in the mail – most un-asked-for. My latest clock I made by folding IKEA catalog … Continue reading

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Beach cover-up: finished!

Funny how having a deadline forces me to make decisions and actually finish projects. I was determined to actually wear my beach cover-up when I was at the beach, which meant I needed to finish the neckline. I decided on a slightly … Continue reading

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