Works in Progress

After I finished my first quilt, I wasn’t quite sure what to work on next. For 2 months or so I had hardly worked on anything else, so I had a fair number of ideas tumbling around in my head, everything from another quilt to more clocks to clothing.  I couldn’t really make up my mind, so I’ve start a bunch of things:

Works In Progress

Clockwise from top left: 1. A new recycled paper clock. Temporarily stalled after I discovered none of the clock mechanisms I have have long enough shafts.

2. A prototype for a summer top. Temporarily stalled while I debate how to make a mostly square, non-stretchy shirt look flattering.

3. New fabric! Lightweight gray corduroy for a new jacket; knit material, potentially to solve my summer top problem; a fat quarter of a happy plaid/flower print, just because.

Now to see what gets finished first.

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