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Working a bit on a light, lacy scarf-that-won’t-be-a-scarf-because-I-don’t-have-enough-yarn Having fun with double pointed needles Reviving an old pastime thanks to a bookstore find What are you working on?

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Expanding my craft horizons

I’ve been working on several new-to-me projects recently. Apparently when I start several new things at once, it takes a lot longer to finish any of them! Here’s what I’ve been up to: braided rug made with strips torn from … Continue reading

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Narrow-line quilting

I’ve been playing with some narrow-line quilting lately. I love the geometric look and the tiny pops of color. I was a bit stuck, however, as to what to do with the patchwork pieces I ended up with. The patchwork … Continue reading

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Musical Burrito Kit for the Car

We recently realized that instead of lugging 2 large CD cases with us on every road trip, we could use the iPod + car adapter + USB-to-cigarette-lighter converter to have a fully charged, 60GB music-holder with much less bulk. However, … Continue reading

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Progress: Elk cross-stitch

I realized, after my other├é┬áposts about this cross-stitch project, that I had been referring to the animal as a moose, when in fact, it is an elk. Oops. Anyway, I finished most of the tree & greenery on the long … Continue reading

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Cross-Stitch Kit

I assembled a little kit for myself for my moose in trees cross-stitch pattern. I figured the more portable I make this project, the more likely it is I’ll actually work on it. Sadly, our printer cartridges are dying, as … Continue reading

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From photo to cross-stitch pattern

As I mentioned, we’re heading to the beach soon, and a long car ride + a lot of down time means I need a good portable project to work on when I don’t feel like reading. I’ve been wanting to … Continue reading

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Beach cover-up neckline dilemma

My extended family is going to the beach in a few weeks, and I decided to make myself a new beach cover-up to replace the usual t-shirt and short combo that I wear to and from the beach. The Built … Continue reading

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Works in Progress

After I finished my first quilt, I wasn’t quite sure what to work on next. For 2 months or so I had hardly worked on anything else, so I had a fair number of ideas tumbling around in my head, … Continue reading

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My First Quilt: Quilted!

Over the weekend, I finished the quilting step of my first quilt. The book has a great suggestion to roll up the quilt, so just the part you’re quilting is exposed. This was really helpful for fitting the bulk of … Continue reading

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