Rainbow Clutch

A few days ago, I saw this lovely triangle patchwork pillow that prompted me to play around with some triangles myself. I think what I particularly liked was that these were equilateral triangles, instead of half-square triangles. Half-square triangles are certainly easier to make, but I think equilateral triangles give you more options for how you join them together.
rainbow clutch

I used a rainbow-striped sheet to cut my triangles, and joined them together in two strips, which created some interesting patterns.  For Christmas this past year, my sister-in-law made me a really cute clutch that I’ve been using a lot, so I thought another one would come in handy and be a good way to show off these patchwork triangles.

patchwork rainbow clutch - back

I lined this clutch with light green fabric and a layer of cotton batting (leftover from the robot quilt). A simple buttonhole & fun button finish it off.

rainbow clutch - open

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