Ruffled scarf + pretty blue apron

My craft buddy from work convinced me to make this ruffled scarf as one of my first crochet projects (I’ve found that scarves take a lot longer to complete than cacti).

ruffled purple scarf, crochet

This ruffly beauty ended up being quite long, but perfect for neck-wrapping in cold, snowy Michigan, where my sister lives (it’s currently 19 degrees there).

ruffled purple scarf, crochet

For my mom, I stitched up a new apron in her favorite color. This one is so cheery that I am contemplating making myself one.

pretty blue swirled apron

Our new place in California has a Jo-Ann’s nearby (the source of this fabric) which is much happier than the Hancock near my old place (it was sad and dingy). And this Jo-Ann’s is big, has a good selection of home-dec fabrics, plus a big craft section! It’s the little things of living in the suburbs that make me happy.

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