Shelves for the kitchen

Our new apartment is somewhat… limited… in terms of cabinets and counter space. Half of our kitchen is taken up by appliances, and our “pantry” had been this cluttered table in the corner where a dining room table would have gone, if the owner hadn’t added a washer and dryer to the kitchen, leaving no room for a table if chairs were also involved. (we are very thankful for the washer and dryer, however)


So for Ryder’s birthday my parents bought us some wood, and my dad helped us plan out some long shelves under this window, to replace the table which was pretty much always messy.


The shelves are 6′ long with simple 2x4s for the vertical supports.


With these new shelves, we finally have a place to put all our snack food, a nice home for the microwave, and even a handy corner for the dust-buster. Hooray!


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