How to crochet a barrel cactus

This little echinocactus grusonii cactus is quick to make and, I think, adorable.

crochet cactus diy

I used a 3.5mm hook (size E) with Impeccable Worsted yarn in Fern (from Michaels), but any greenish yarn will work. You’ll also need a tiny flower pot (I found those at Michaels as well) and a bit of stuffing.


  1. Chain 11
  2. Turn and crochet into the front loop only for 16 rows. This should give a rectangle with very visible ridges.
  3. Cut yarn and draw through last yarn, leaving a long tail
  4. Using a tapestry needle, stitch the initial chain to the last row to create a tube with vertical ridges
  5. Thread the needle through the bumps on one end of the open tube, drawing tightly together to close the end. Bury the end in the cactus and trim end.
  6. Stuff firmly
  7. Thread the needle with another bit of yarn, and draw through the bumps on the open end of the tube, drawing tightly together to close.

crochet cactus tutorial

For added cuteness, crochet a tiny flower and sew on the top. Tuck your new cactus in the flowerpot and admire! No watering necessary. =)

Want more? Try this saguaro cactus tutorial.

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