A knitted sweater (or, everything is cuter in miniature)

When I found out I was going to be an aunt (yay!), it was the perfect opportunity to knit my first sweater! I was in a yarn shop and saw a really sweet baby kimono sample hanging next to the sock yarn. I promptly bought a skein of Berroco sock yarn, which is so so soft (and machine washable), and headed home with dreams of sweaters…

knitted baby sweater

I looked up the baby kimono pattern, and it seemed too vaguely written for me to follow, since I am was a total sweater novice. Instead, I trawled ravelry for a while, and found the Sunnyside cardigan pattern. It was well written, and I got to learn how to make cables (which are actually very simple to make, even though they look mind-boggling)


I did discover that a baby sweater may be smaller than an adult sweater, but if you knit it in sock yarn, it still takes a lot of stitches! I also learned how to fix missed cables, for that time I forgot to make a cable until two rows later… invaluable skills!

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