The things you find when you organize your yarn

A few weeks ago, I got fed up with the cardboard box holding all my yarn. Well, “holding” is a generous term. My stash no longer fit in a single cardboard box, so it was spilling onto the floor of the craft room (well, craft/office/guest/storage room). Ideally, I wanted some wooden shelves – more of cubbies, actually – for my yarn (something like these). But, I didn’t have any extra shelving sitting around, nor do we really have room for it (see aforementioned multi-purposiveness of the craft room). In a moment of inspiration, I remembered that I had a shoe organizer that hangs from a clothes rod. It has 10 slots for shoes, but our closet here is so tiny that there wasn’t room for it. I still have nowhere to hang it, but I wiped down the fabric, put it on the floor, and happily filled it with my yarn stash. The good news is my current stash fits. The bad news… only barely.

Along the way, I found a few unfinished projects.


My very first crochet project was this ripple scarf in a sparkly green yarn. It was a good practice project, but I never finished it – I got bored with it and moved on to greener pastures (I blame the tiny cacti). Enough! Time to finish it so I could properly store the rest of the skein. I finished the row I was on and called it good.


And then I found this almost-finished crocheted hat. I made up this pattern, starting the hat (and mostly finishing it) on our epic cross-country drive in January. It only need an hour or two more to make it a comfy, cozy hat. For those cold California Novembers…


The crown of the hat turned out a bit wonky (and kind of boring, too), so I decided to add a big cheery pompom to the top. The winning yarn was leftover from my stegosaurus, also started on the cross-country drive.

IMG_5895 IMG_5903

p.s. While looking for a picture of the storage cubbies I had in mind, I saw this brilliant idea for yarn storage – on a pegboard! And wouldn’t you know… we happen to have a piece of pegboard in our stash of wood! I’ll let you know if I try it.

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