Sewing & Saws

I am, shall we say, an easily distracted crafter. Not in the sense that I get distracted from crafts, just distracted to other crafts. Over the past few years, I’ve collected a small assortment of spools of sewing machine thread. All of which live in a pink Easter basket from 2 years ago. None of which are neatly wrapped enough to keep them from unrolling more and more every time I so much as look at them.

Growing up, my mom had a wall-hanging thread spool holder. I wanted to make one, but I didn’t have a powered saw (and there is only so much hand-sawing I am willing to do). Fortunately, after commissioning my dad to cut me some wooden discs to use in clock making, he suggested that a scroll saw might be in order so I don’t have to outsource my crafts to Houston. Yay! This beauty has been home for about a month and has been put to good use already – two more clock faces, and a thread spool holder for my wall. Any guesses as to what shape I cut the thread holder?

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