Black Bar Clock

This clock is a very belated wedding gift to one of Ryder’s cousins. We got a chance to see their new home and wanted to give them something that hopefully would fit in with their aesthetic. Ryder originally designed this clock as a pendulum clock – the pendulum would swing between the two vertical bars. We ran into trouble finding pendulums shorter than 16″, though, and since we had to ship this clock, we scaled it down to a more modest wall size – about 2 feet tall.

Black Bar Clock

The face piece is a thin piece of wood, with the clock mechanism drilled through it. The vertical bars are 2″ square dowels. We cut slits into them with our handy-dandy scroll saw, and slid the face piece through the dowels. We glued it all in place, then painted it solid black.

Black Bar Clock - Detail

Experimenting with a pendulum clock is still on my to-make list – maybe a larger version of this, maybe something else entirely!

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