Reversible Fabric Headbands

I’ve been on a bit of a headband kick lately – especially because these fabric headbands are so quick to put together. Most hard headbands with plastic inside them hurt my head after wearing them for a few hours, and elastic headbands tend to slip right off my head. These use two layers of fabric plus a few inches of elastic to stay on my head without squeezing.

Reversible Fabric Headband

I traced one of my plastic headbands to get the basic shape, then cut two pieces of fabric. The pink floral is an Anna Maria Horner home dec fabric, which gives it some weight. When I’ve used lighter-weight fabrics, I added fusible interfacing to one piece to stiffen the headband. I sewed this wrong-sides together and (of course) left a slightly-too-small hole to flip it through so I fought this one for about 10 minutes to get it flipped right-side out. After flipping I tucked the elastic in the ends, then top-stitched the whole thing. Cute!

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