Stitched Clock

I’ve had a couple of projects lingering in the craft room for several months while I debated the details of them. This clock started its life when I asked my dad to cut me some circles out of wood to use as clock faces. He cut a few bonus shapes, too, which presented me a fun challenge of what to do with them. Months ago, I saw a stitched coffee table in Alabama Studio Style that I really liked. The idea of stitching in wood was really intriguing – combining hard & soft materials.

Stitched clockAfter sketching some designs, I drilled lots of tiny holes (and broke a few drill bits along the way). I painted it white, and then it sat for several months, while I tried a variety of thread colors and stitching patterns.

Stitched clock detail

In the end, I decided on a blue-gray embroidery floss for the stitching, with thicker strands along the hour markings and a thinner border all the way around, in a simple starburst pattern. I really like how this turned out, but next time I will plan my drilling a little bit better so that there are an even number of holes – the stitching is a little inconsistent in order to use all the holes! Available in my etsy shop.

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