Simple stitched calendar

We ended up without a wall calendar this year (last year we had Krispy Kreme, the year before Chick-fil-A), so I decided to make one – or at least something for January. I cut a 8×10″ sheet of cardstock in half vertically, then wrote the days, list-style (because I wasn’t feeling up for the calculations necessary to make a grid, and our printer is out of ink!).

I was planning to doodle a fancy “January” with crayons, but while hunting for the crayons in our craft room, I noticed a stitched Christmas card I made (and never sent…) and liked that idea better.

Simple stitched calendar - January

The “J” is stitched with 3 strands of embroidery floss with a regular hand sewing needle. The main challenge of stitching on paper is that every hole you poke remains visible! We’ll see what happens for February…

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