Crochet Bonsai Tree

Well, somehow three months have elapsed since my last post! A lot has happened between then and now: my husband graduated, we traveled a bunch for Christmas, we moved to California (!) and we traveled more for a belated Christmas with my family.

Now that all our Christmases are over, I can share a few of this years’ handmade gifts.

crochet bonsai tree

This charming, quirky bonsai tree is a pattern of my own invention. I wasn’t sure about the leaves until the very end, but I am now quite enamored of this little guy.

crochet bonsai tree

The leaves are loops of green yarn, stitched through the crocheted limbs of the tree. Most of the limbs have pieces of thin copper wire inside them, to give the tree the characteristic bendy-ness of a bonsai tree. I wrapped some additional wire around some branches as well, since this is a young bonsai tree, still in training.

crochet bonsai tree with gnome

A tiny knitted gnome took up residence under the bonsai tree for a few days, until it was time for the bonsai to go home with my brother’s girlfriend, and the gnome to come home with me!


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