My First Quilt: Sandwiched & Basted

Robot quilt sandwich

Taking up all available floor space in my craft room, here’s the robot quilt sandwich – quilt top, cotton quilt batting, and the backing. I combined two fabrics from my pile of thrifted sheets to make the back.

Robot quilt basted - detail

I hand-basted the quilt sandwich with needle and thread. I was anticipating this would take a long time, but surprisingly, it only took me a couple of hours. The biggest challenge was basting the quilt layers together without basting it to the carpeting. We have very few non-carpeted surfaces in our house, and the few we have are not nearly big enough to accommodate this 5’x7′ quilt, so I had to make do with carpeting. Fortunately, I only sewed it to the carpeting in a few places. =)

Robot quilt - rolled and ready for quilting

Following the suggestion of the book from where this quilt pattern came, I used a long piece of wood (from a very unfinished shelving project) to mark a diagonal line across the quilt, then put a piece of masking tape next to that straight edge to mark my first quilting line. I rolled the two sides in towards the line so the quilt will fit through my little sewing machine. Next up: the actual quilting of My First Quilt!

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