My First Quilt: Quilted!

Roll & stuff method of quilting

Over the weekend, I finished the quilting step of my first quilt. The book has a great suggestion to roll up the quilt, so just the part you’re quilting is exposed. This was really helpful for fitting the bulk of the quilt through my smallish sewing machine. I also rigged up this super sweet method for keeping my quilting lines equidistant. See my seam measurer taped to the side of my machine? It just so happens to be 3″ from the needle, which just so happens to be a distance I decided would be great for my quilting lines.

Robot Quilt, quilted

Quilted robot quilt with a peek at the backing

Now the last step! Binding the edges. I’m going to use the blue/yellow plaid from the robot for binding. So far I’ve made a realllly long 2″ wide strip of that fabric. I started to iron it into double-fold bias tape, but got discouraged after about 12 inches. I’m not ready to invest in a bias tape maker, so I think I’m stuck with ironing for now.

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