Musical Burrito Kit for the Car

We recently realized that instead of lugging 2 large CD cases with us on every road trip, we could use the iPod + car adapter + USB-to-cigarette-lighter converter to have a fully charged, 60GB music-holder with much less bulk. However, this meant many small objects needed to be transported to and from the car. Our first solution was our hands, but I figured it’d be much more convenient to have the musical burrito ready to go whenever we were headed on a road trip, especially since the only time we use the iPod now is in the car.
Organizing the cords
Using some leftover bits of quilt backing (including cotton batting to cushion the iPod), I laid out my items and cut the fabric more or less to size.

Fitting the tape adapterTo make the tape adapter holder, I used a bit of a t-shirt sleeve (I have a stack of t-shirts from Salvation Army for just such a purpose as this). Since there is some “height” to the adapter, I first pinned one side of the holder, then put the adapter in place and wrapped the fabric around it before pinning on the other side and bottom – so it actually fits in.

Stretching the elasticNext, I took a bit of elastic and pinned it in place, again pinning with the cords in place so that there’s a bit of a bubble for the cords to slide in.

Testing the technology burritoTo figure out where to put the sleeve for the iPod, I rolled up my musical burrito and then marked on the fabric where the edges of the iPod should go.

iPod sleeve cutUsing the same method as for the adapter sleeve, I cut another piece of t-shirt and pinned it over the iPod. I then messily cut holes for the screen and scroll wheel. Fortunately jersey material doesn’t fray so I’m just leaving the edges raw.

My main dilemma now is the top edge of the iPod sleeve – it’s too tall right now, but if I cut it to size, there will only be a skinny bit holding the top of the iPod, which doesn’t seem like it will do much good to keep everything in place.

Next up: sewing it all together!

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