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Teal Washi Dress

I’m a late adopter. I got my first smartphone a few weeks ago. And I finally made my first Washi Dress. This pattern has been very popular in the blogosphere for the past two years or so, and I’ve had … Continue reading

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Summer skirt

It’s Memorial Day, which means summer, right? It’s hit the 90s a few times already this “spring” and this week it’s been hovering in the 80s, so I decided the long weekend was a great time to add some items to … Continue reading

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Expanding my craft horizons

I’ve been working on several new-to-me projects recently. Apparently when I start several new things at once, it takes a lot longer to finish any of them! Here’s what I’ve been up to: braided rug made with strips torn from … Continue reading

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Handmade Christmas: sewn gifts

First up, a tie for Ryder. I used a free tie pattern from the Purl Bee, but modified it to make the base of the tie a more traditional width (the original pattern will make a skinny tie). Sewn gift … Continue reading

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Musical Burrito Kit for the Car

We recently realized that instead of lugging 2 large CD cases with us on every road trip, we could use the iPod + car adapter + USB-to-cigarette-lighter converter to have a fully charged, 60GB music-holder with much less bulk. However, … Continue reading

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Beach cover-up: finished!

Funny how having a deadline forces me to make decisions and actually finish projects. I was determined to actually wear my beach cover-up when I was at the beach, which meant I needed to finish the neckline. I decided on a slightly … Continue reading

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Reversible Fabric Shoulder Bag

For Christmas, I got a reversible over-the-shoulder bag that is the perfect thing for taking all my stuff to work with me – it fits my lunch bag, wallet, keys, etc. and rests nicely across my back when I bike … Continue reading

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Reversible Fabric Headbands

I’ve been on a bit of a headband kick lately – especially because these fabric headbands are so quick to put together. Most hard headbands with plastic inside them hurt my head after wearing them for a few hours, and … Continue reading

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