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Woven Tile Coasters

On a recent trip to the library, I was browsing the craft book section (as I tend to do) and picked up Time to Weave. One of the projects suggested weaving with yarn on a tile for wall decor, but … Continue reading

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Finished: Cotton Rug

Months ago, I told you about the cotton rug I had started braiding, then pulled apart and restarted with crochet. Shortly after that post, I ran out of colored sheets to use for “yarn” and was left with only neutrals. … Continue reading

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Reversible Fabric Headbands

I’ve been on a bit of a headband kick lately – especially because these fabric headbands are so quick to put together. Most hard headbands with plastic inside them hurt my head after wearing them for a few hours, and … Continue reading

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Reliving Childhood Crafts: Melty beads

Melty beads, fuse beads, whatever you call them – I had totally forgotten about this craft until I saw packs of them in the dollar bin at Michael’s just before Christmas. I grabbed a cute penguin kit for my sister … Continue reading

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Now I just need to buy some more thread…

Finished: one sewing-machine-shaped, wall-hanging, wooden thread holder: It looks much less creepy with thread actually on it – something about all those pegs sticking out just looked rather sinister. It probably didn’t help I was taking these photos in the … Continue reading

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Work in Progress: Thread Holder

This is where we are with the sewing & saws project: cut, drilled, sanded (every single hole), and painted. It got another coat last night so it’s bright & white. Next up is to cut a dowel into 30 bits … Continue reading

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Sewing & Saws

I am, shall we say, an easily distracted crafter. Not in the sense that I get distracted from crafts, just distracted to other crafts. Over the past few years, I’ve collected a small assortment of spools of sewing machine thread. … Continue reading

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Friendly Aardvantadillos

At the craft fair this weekend (a post about that later, perhaps), these little guys got called multiple names (and our hedgehogs also got referred to as pigs – “these are pigs, right?” “umm, not really…”). What would you call … Continue reading

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Finished: Itty Bitty Baby Dress

Adorable, if I do say so myself. This is the baby gift I posted about a couple of weeks ago. Now to mail it off to the parents! This pattern is fun to make and comes together really easily. It’s also … Continue reading

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90 minute shirt (theoretically)

I always get nervous sewing without a pattern. I think it’s my hate of wasting anything – what if I cut wrong? What if I make it too small? I’ll have wasted that dollar I spent on a t-shirt from … Continue reading

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