My First Quilt: Choosing the Fabrics

My first step in starting my first quilt was to figure out which fabrics to use. I wanted to stick primarily to what I already had on hand, mostly so I don’t feel bad about spending money on new fabric if I mess something up or really dislike the whole quilting thing.

Since I several fabrics in white, I decided to make the background white and white-based patterns. I cut a few pieces from some of my fabrics, but wasn’t sure about it… So I took a photo.

Fabric Selections

Then I opened it in Photoshop, and proceeded to copy and paste bits of “fabric” until I had a few mock-ups of my quilt with different background fabrics. I “drew” the robot in Photoshop to get a sense of what the fabric options would look like with the main element of the quilt.Robot fabric mock-ups

I ultimately decided on the option in the lower-left: zig-zags of white alternated with a blue-and-orange floral pattern. The blue in the floral matches the color of the robot, and I like the contrast of traditional quilted florals with a modern robot.

Now: to cut all my fabric! I’ve started, but I’m not very good at finishing one thing before I start another, so I’ve already started sewing bits together. Gives me a sense of accomplishment & progress when I know I have yards and yards of zig zags to cut…

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