Easy Wall Decor

A few days ago I was hit with a spell of “I’m-very-bored-and-stir-crazy-but-nothing-sounds-interesting-to-do.” I suggested we rearrange our furniture. My husband declined. We ultimately decided to move our ancient TV and (broken) DVD player to our craft/storage/guest room, and replace it with the perhaps more ancient recliner, upholstered in a really stunning orange, brown, and green plaid, that had been living in our extra room. Anyway, in the midst of this rearranging, I noticed the wooden quilting hoop that I’d inherited a few months ago. I took a piece of toile fabric I had found at a thrift store recently, fit it into the hoop, and hung it above our desks.

Easy Wall Decoration - Fabric in a Quilting Hoop

This hoop is about 18×24″, so it fills up a nice portion of our otherwise blank wall. My favorite part is that I can easily swap out the fabric whenever I get bored of it – or want to use this toile for something.

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