Fall Wardrobe

Inspired by Jen at Grainline Studio, I’ve been mulling over my fall wardrobe. What do I want to make this fall?

  1. Just-past-the-knees wool skirt (perhaps with this simple pattern and this wool?)
  2. Duo-tone black/gray top from upcycled t-shirts
  3. Dolman sleeved top (pattern here, in this fabric)
  4. Arm warmers (crocheted or upcycled from an old sweater)
  5. Coat, pattern from Built by Wendy Coats & Jackets. I’m thinking a simple straight-line cut in burgundy wool
  6. Casual jacket in green/tan twill

Thanks to an amazon gift card, I’ve order fabric for a skirt and the burgundy coat, and I made a muslin for the coat this week! Funny how just drafting this list motivated me to get started sewing! I’ll keep you posted on how my fall wardrobe shapes up.

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