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Socks, part two

Shortly after I finished my first socks, I started a second pair with some sock yarn I had bought on discount from JoAnns. I decided to follow the basic sock pattern from one of the Yarn Harlot‘s books, which promised … Continue reading

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Almost-reversible iPad case

Well, my iPad now has a home! I started with some narrow-line patchwork (tutorial here), then carefully cut into it to form the outside layer of my iPad cover. This is the ugly guts of it – remnants of quilt … Continue reading

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This week at la Casa

…cutting wood, for two-years-in-the-making bookshelves. Finally possible due to the Christmas addition of a circular saw! …re-soling slippers …meeting the recipient of these booties …daydreaming ideas for a king-sized art quilt!

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How to make magnets from a map

A few months ago, I saw a pin of a map turned into magnets, and thought it was a pretty nifty idea, especially in our geography-deprived country. However, after reading the article about this project, I realized that the map in … Continue reading

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The most popular Christmas gift of the year

Spatulae! Thanks to my cousin, dad, and mother-in-law, we are now much better stocked in the spatula department (we were down to just one).

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Handmade Ornaments: wire letters

Another easy handmade ornament – this one from wire. I used a heavier wire to make the outline of the W, then wrapped the letter in a thin-gauge copper wire. Another loop of wire makes an easy hook for the … Continue reading

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Painted Leather Cuff Bracelet

I have a bag full of leather scraps, most of them 2-3″ wide and 4-8″ long. I’ve been pondering what to do with them for a year or two, pulling them out every couple of months to stare at them. … Continue reading

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The real deal

I was going to post a picture of the current status of my thread holder project, but I went to the zoo yesterday instead of working on it… But one of the special animal events at the zoo was an … Continue reading

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